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Support hearing

St Ives High School is proud to have a hearing support unit within the school.
The unit is an integral part of the school and the students are, first and foremost, St Ives High School students.  We are only one of two schools in Sydney that uses an oral/aural framework to support students with a hearing impairment.
The unit provides students with hearing impairment with additional help in a small, nurturing environment. Students learning is enhanced by being in an environment where time can be spent with each individual student; individual learning plans adapted specifically to their learning; and personalised tuition which develops their confidence to improve their learning. Students are also supported to attend mainstream classes and mainstream electives where appropriate for their academic ability. Students are assessed on an individual basis and in consultation with parents, the most appropriate course of learning will be undertaken. This is most often a combination of Unit and mainstream classes.
This is achieved by: 
  • assessing the students current ability level 
  • providing a small learning environment with specialised teachers 
  • following the curriculum of the Department of Education and making accommodations and adjustments where necessary. 
  • integrating students into mainstream classes where they will be assisted with qualified Student Learning Support Officers. 
  • student counsellor available through the school  
  • the Learning Support team, together with external agencies, help facilitate investigation of further studies in TAFE, University or work. 
  • Student review meetings are held each year with the Learning Support Team 
  • transition meetings are held when the student has completed his/her school education to assist them with work placement.  
In order for a student to meet their full potential, it is recommended that they commence in the unit from Year 7 to obtain the maximum support.
If you have any enquiries or would like further information please contact the Head Teacher, Ruth Joynes at school or via email: