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Sport in Stage 4

Stage 4 (Years 7 and 8) students are involved in the following sections of sport:

Physical education

Students develop awareness and understanding on how and why people move. Students apply and transfer their movement skills in an array of sporting activities including: aquatics, athletics, dance and team games.

Integrated sport

Students display an understanding of rules and conventions, strategies and tactics, safety principals in a variety of sports. This is offered as extra lessons in the PDHPE subject area.


All students have the opportunity to participate in three annual carnivals (Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics). Dependent on their results in these carnivals students are selected to compete in the progressive carnivals: Zone, Area, CHS/State and Nationals.

Knockout teams

St Ives High School enters into multiple sports to compete in the Sydney North Knockout Competition. These sports are supported by members of the teaching staff that have interest/expertise in the given sport. 

Representative teams

Students that compete at a high level out of school are given the opportunity to trial for Ku-ring-gai Zone or Sydney North teams. From their students can be selected to play for NSW and possibly at a National level. 

Year 7 and Year 8 Gala Day

Gala Days for Years 7 and 8 provide an opportunity for students to play competitive games against other schools in the Ku-ring-gai Zone. Sports include basketball, soccer 7s, ultimate frisbee, oz tag, speedaway, netball, and touch football.