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Parents and Citizens

Welcome to our St Ives High School community (Parents & Citizens' Association - P&C)


The P&C aims to develop a strong school community and partnership between the staff, the students and the parents so that St Ives High School (SIHS) can continue to provide a quality education that turns out well-rounded students.

This is truly an outstanding school in so many ways and that takes great students, terrific staff and parents, families and friends that are closely involved in any number of ways. We really do appreciate the funds and time volunteered by parents to support the school and welcome new families.

What we do

SIHS P&C promotes student welfare and provides many extra-curricular opportunities for students as well as facilities and equipment for the school.

The P&C receives regular updates and reports from the Principal, Mark Watson, and provides him with feedback from our parent body on school-related issues. The P&C works hard to try to ensure that parental views are represented. A recent example of this is the 2019 anonymous on-line parent surveys from Years 7 and 12 parents run by P&C volunteers to gather feedback from parents regarding specific areas of school life at SIHS. The data from these surveys is actively being used as part of the school planning process.

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