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Email, internet & Intranet

Both staff and students use technology at St Ives High School. Use of technology comes with certain rules and policies that community members are expected to follow.

Acceptable use policy

Network and internet access is widely available for students and staff at St Ives High School. As a user of this facility, you are required to use the access appropriately. By using a computer in this school you are agreeing to this acceptable use policy.


Users have the privilege:

  • to use all authorised hardware and software to facilitate learning and enhance educational experiences
  • to get information from outside sources which facilitate learning and enhance educational experiences.

Supervision of the network

  • All files resident on the school network are considered to belong to the school.
  • The network administrator has the right to view, modify or remove a user's files. This access shall be used to preserve network integrity or to prevent prohibited activity.
  • The network administrator will review audit trails created by the software. The network administrator may determine and uncover incorrect usage of the network and may also inform other staff, as well as parents/caregivers.
  • Illegal activities may bring action from appropriate external legal authorities.


The user is responsible for:

  • using technology in the school only for learning and educational experiences consistent with the purposes of the school.
  • Adhering to the rules established for the use of hardware, software, labs and networks in the school or through remote access outside of the school.
  • Maintaining the privacy of passwords and is prohibited from publishing or discussing passwords. Access is to be used only by the password owner for the authorised purposes.
  • Following copyright guidelines in the use of hardware and software and in the transmission or copying of text or files on the Internet or from other resources.
  • Costs incurred or damages or repair necessitated by network misuse.
  • Ensuring that there is no transmission of offensive material or images, libel, the writing of offensive things about other individuals.
  • Reporting immediately any action by a user that is contrary to this policy and any attempted contact by a person external to the school via the internet.

Consequences of inappropriate network behaviour

  • Inappropriate behaviour by students will be dealt with under the school's welfare/discipline policy.
  • Learn more about disciplinary action in ourĀ Anti-bullying plan (PDF 2086KB).