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Click here for information regarding GATs testing Year 7 2021.

St Ives High School Gifted And Talented Program 

This program serves a readily identified community need - that of challenging talented students in a local setting. In addition, it provides an extra dimension to our general aim of providing each student with an excellent academic, cultural, social and physical education. Our program also offers to potential selective high school students, the high academic standard they are seeking, but in a setting which is co-educational, socially cohesive and community focused.


Our Objectives are 

  • Create a core class of gifted and talented students at St Ives High School. The group would be globally gifted but having specific strengths and talents in numeracy, literacy and problem-solving 
  • Provide for the natural progression of gifted and talented students through a high school setting.  These students have already been recognised and catered for in local primary schools and our program would complement developments in a number of primary 
  • Provide educational opportunities that enrich and extend gifted and talented students, fostering a lifelong love of learning. This is based on Gagne's Differentiated Model of Giftedness and Talent which proposes that ‘the child progresses from giftedness (high potential) to talent (high performance) through the learning process, assisted by intra-personal and environmental factors. That is, gifts are innate abilities and talents are systematically developed skills’

Class Placement

For students to gain a place in the year 7 class they must sit for our GATs test that is held during April, prior to their entry into the school. Students are tested on their ability in Mathematics, Reading, Writing and comprehension and Abstract Reasoning. The tests are marked and ranked by ACER – the Australian Council for Educational Research. Once students have gained entry into the gifted and talented class, or “T” class, they must earn their right to remain in it.

Class Organisation

In year 7, there is one gifted and talented class and students remain in the same classes for all subjects. In year 8, students will be placed into the gifted and talented stream depending on their results gained in year 7. Whilst in years 9 to 10 gifted and talented students remain in their gifted and talented class for the core subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography and PDHPE, they will be integrated in their elective subjects. Teachers of the GAT classes have regular meetings to discuss and support the students in this program. ( Note a slight variation to this is offered in Mathematics)

GAT student study the core curriculum in common with their year cohort; however, this curriculum is compacted and qualitatively differentiated to allow more time for enrichment, extension, problem solving and critical thinking skills.