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Handling absences

Each student is expected to attend school each day unless he/she is too ill. Sports carnivals and excursions are regarded as an important part of the school educational program and all students are expected to be at school regardless of the change of routine.


A satisfactory explanation must be provided by parents or guardians for all student absences. Parents or guardians can notify St Ives High School of their student’s absence by:

  • Calling the school office on the morning concerned, or

  • Responding to the attendance SMS sent by St Ives High School (see below), or

  • Providing a letter written by a parent or guardian on the first day of a student’s return to school. This note must be written in full by the student’s parent or guardian. This note is to be handed to administration staff at the front office.


St Ives High School uses the Sentral attendance system. This system will send a SMS message to a parent/guardian alerting them of student absences. This email is generally sent before 12pm. Parents can reply to this SMS to explain their student’s absence.



Pass out procedures

If parents or guardians wish their child to leave school before the end of the school day, a note requesting early departure must be presented to a Deputy Principal before school. The note should indicate the time the student intends to leave school early and reason for a student’s early departure 


The student will then be issued with a Pass Out slip, which must be recorded in the Pass Out Book at the school office. At the time indicated on the Pass Out slip, the student will report to the school office and the Pass Out book will be signed to indicate that the student has left the premises. Pass Out requests for Thursdays (sport day for students in Years 9-11) must be presented before Thursday. Necessary documentation (e.g. dental appointment cards) supporting the student’s pass out request must be presented and medical certificates relating to the student’s early departure must be handed in or emailed to the school the next day.


Leave during school terms

If parents wish to take their children out of school for family holidays that are unable to be taken during normal vacation time, a letter requesting permission must be submitted in advance to the Principal.