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Frequently asked questions

  1. Who is the Principal of St Ives High School?  Principal's Message
  2. Who are the Deputy Principals at St Ives High School?  Staff
  3. Who are the Head Teachers at St Ives High School?  Staff
  4. Who is the School Counsellor? Staff
  5. Who is the Careers Adviser? View Staff.
  6. Who are the Year Advisers for 2017?  Staff
  7. Who are the School Captains for 2017? Student leadership
  8. What are the school hours?  School hours
  9. What happens to students before and after school?  Before and after school
  10. What is the student's code of conduct?  Code of conduct
  11. What do I need to know about using email, the internet and intranet at school? View Email, internet and intranet.
  12. What to do if a student is feeling sick? View Feeling sick.
  13. What to do if a student is late for school? View Late for school.
  14. What about student absences? View Handling absences.
  15. Who do I call? View Who do I call.
  16. How do I pay my school contributions?  View School contributions
  17. Where do my school contributions go?  View Where do my contributions go to?
  18. How can I support St Ives High School?  View How can I help
  19. When can I meet my child's teachers? View Meeting my child's teacher
  20. When are school reports distributed? View School report dates
  21. Do you have a technology guide for Parents? View Technology
  22. What is the drawing area for the school? Download and view our Drawing area (PDF 224KB).
  23. How is student achievement acknowledged? View Scholarships and awards.