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Voluntary contributions at work

The P&C is an integral part of the structure of St Ives High School (SIHS), working closely with the Principal and Teaching Executive to identify and help fund an extensive and diverse range of activities and services for our students. We aim to improve educational outcomes and add value to the education of each SIHS student.

All parents are part of the P&C and their financial contributions through the P&C, assists in making significant improvements to our facilities as well as providing funds for new initiatives and ongoing projects.

What is a Voluntary Contribution? 

An annual voluntary contribution of $240 is asked from each family to support carefully selected projects that are agreed with the Principal. Families are welcome to contribute more regularly and at a higher level should they wish to do so. All contributions are welcome, valued and acknowledged. 

Additional funds are raised through the uniform shop, locker hire, and special events. Sponsorship and grant funding also provide extra funds. St Ives High School (SIHS) partners with organisations whose values align with the school's and are focused on the local community.

How does the P&C support the school?

By Assisting in the Rollout of Air-Conditioning in the Hottest Classrooms

In 2017-2018, the P&C committed $90,000 to fund air conditioning in classrooms identified by the school as requiring it the most. Most top floor classrooms were fitted with units and both teachers and students are enjoying the benefits of working in more pleasant learning spaces.

By partial funding specialist teachers

Historically, the P&C has assisted in funding the employment of specialist teachers in the areas of ‘Leadership' and ‘Band' and 'Well-being'.  These additional teaching positions are sometimes not fully funded by the Government but are considered essential for students to develop and promote personal growth and achievement. Specialist teachers contribute to the school through experience, professional expertise, and new ideas to benefit all students.

By Supporting the Staff and Students through "Small Projects Grants Program"

2015 saw the creation of the St Ives High P&C Grants Scheme, providing a simple and accessible process for St Ives High Staff, students and school community to apply for P&C funding for projects and equipment that benefit the school community and promote the welfare, enjoyment and recreation of the students.

A STEM Grant helped the Science Faculty purchase new up-to-date equipment in 2018.

By Transforming our Outdoor Learning Areas

Between 2017 and 2018, our Grounds Committee took on major environment and infrastructure initiatives to bring back the outdoor classroom to SIHS. The outdoor area adjacent to the quad has been transformed in 2018 : New seating and shades and landscaping have made this into an inspiring outdoor learning area. Read more

How do we support Leadership Opportunities at SIHS?

At SIHS, our school motto is ‘Optima Optime', which means "The best possible things in the best possible ways". By supporting the Leadership Coordinator, we support a range of programs, which offer students the chance to develop their leadership abilities specifically through the Duke of Edinburgh Program, public speaking and debating.

We Support Guest Speakers, Presentations and Workshops

The P&C is committed to supporting our students, teachers, and parents through provision of funding for enrichment activities. The P&C has provided funding for parent and student forums and positive learning and leadership initiatives including:

  • 'HSC Demystified' Forum
  • Careers Expo
  • Wellbeing and Mental Health Workshops
  • Safe Partying Forum
  • Cyber Safety talks by Specialists
  • Study Skills Tutorials

Supporting the Band Program 

SIHS has an outstanding band program which includes a Concert Band, Jazz Combo, String Ensemble, Micro Orchestra, Choir and several rock bands.  The P&C has been supporting the continual development of this program by supporting the Program Coordinator in different events.

A successful band program is vital to our school's growth and position in the local and wider community.  The Concert Band and Jazz Combo perform regularly at community and school events, including:

  • Local Nursing Homes
  • Local Community Charity Events
  • Orientation Day
  • International Visits
  • Anzac Day
  • Graduation and Presentation Ceremonies
  • School Musicals

The P&C, parents and band members help coordinate many fundraising events to ensure there is extra money to purchase musical instruments and sheet music, to support performances in competitions which further develops the musicians' skills.

What is P&C's "Small Projects Grant Program"

The P&C regularly receives requests from staff to support special projects, programs or events.  In these cases and where funding is available, a ‘grant' is provided to the School so that initiative can be implemented. 

In 2016, the P&C provided a grant of $11,500 to the school's wellbeing team to support a series of 7 mental health and wellbeing workshops, addressing topics including examination techniques, managing stress, staying balanced and developing healthy eating habits. External presenters and facilitators will be involved in the delivery of the workshops including past students, MAD Mindworks and the Black Dog Institute.

The P&C has also provided a grant of $11,600 (2 stages) to the personal development, health and physical education (PDHPE) department to:

  • introduce new programs (chess, orienteering, tennis)
  • staff development
  • orienteering workshops
  • sports development. 

P&C and student insurance

The P&C annual voluntary contribution is used to fund student accident insurance. The Policy covers all SIHS students for school-related activities both at and away from the School grounds. 

Other sources of income

Fundraising program

The three-year Strategic Plan of 2015-2017 (available on the School website) had three clear overarching themes which underpinned the fundraising projects selected:

  • raise the quality of student learning
  • foster quality teaching, leadership, and teacher wellbeing and
  • strengthen collaborative partnerships and increase the school's profile and connections within our community.

Members of the P&C and parent volunteers coordinated a number of key events to raise additional funds for the School. These events usually include Election Day cake stalls, book sales, BBQs, and raffles. These events are always a great way to meet other parents and support the school in a meaningful way. 


P&C members have been active in identifying grant opportunities and preparing proposals for a range of environmental, wellbeing and infrastructure related programs and activities. The P&C has been successful in securing many grants that have provided important facilities and resources. 

Recent grants received by the P&C include:  

  • $1,000 to support a special ‘Grandparents Day' event. This funding was used to hold a ‘Tech Day' where grandparents were invited to visit the school and received advice from tech-savvy students on how to use their devices, they also received USB's.
  • $5,000 for the support of school community volunteers. This funding will be used to purchase point of sale technology for use in the uniform shop and for the design and printing of stationery for use by the P&C.

Other grants received and coordinated by the P&C include:

  • $160,000 through the Community Building Project Program (CBPP) for the establishment of a demountable classroom for use as a sports facility by the community and sports teaching staff. 
  • $3,500 for the regeneration of Sydney Turpentine Ironbark Forest (STIF) areas located within the school grounds.  STIF is an endangered ecological community and is important to our school and local environment. It is a very rare type of bushland in Sydney and now occurs only in small bushland remnants.
  • $3,500 for the construction of garden beds for growing herbs and vegetables for use by students studying Hospitality.

Building Fund and Library Fund

Tax deductible funds administered by school

These funds were established to develop and improve the physical facilities of the school buildings and library. Contributions are tax deductible and all families are encouraged to give to these funds which are used to:

  • undertake building maintenance
  • complete regeneration and environmental works within the school grounds
  • provide additional seating and learning areas for students and
  • purchase student and teaching resources for the library.

These funds are coordinated and administered by the school. Should you wish to contribute a more substantial amount and maximise the tax opportunity and make a difference, please contact the Principal, Mr. Mark Watson.



School Lockers

The P&C purchased 300 lockers between 2016-18 that the school installed along the wall of the gymnasium. These lockers were offered to the Year 7 students in conjunction with the introduction of the school's ‘bring your own device' (BYOD) program. These lockers not only look good and wear well, they are proudly purchased and run by P&C. 

School Performances and Musicals

The biennial school musical is a fixture on the school calendar. To ensure a production of the highest standard and to give students the best possible opportunities, the P&C provides financial support. 

Opportunities are available for all students to become involved in:

  • performing on stage and back stage
  • in lighting, staging, and costuming
  • advertising and catering.

Students learn to work in a team, develop acting and management skills, and gain experience in logistics and time management. If you or your child have a particular interest in drama performance or musicals, help is always most welcome!

Our next musical creation will be in 2019

Year 12 Graduation ceremony

The Year 12 graduation ceremony is a wonderful celebration shared by students, parents and staff. The P&C recognise the completion of the school journey, made possible by the hard work and dedication of everyone across the school. To celebrate and share our Year 12 students' success, the P&C contributes to the graduation night so tickets can be priced at a reduced amount. In 2019, the Graduation Ceremony was successfully run from the proceeds of the tickets and of course the great assistance of all parent volunteers involved in decorations, ticketing, costings, cleanup and refreshments.

Just One Thing

The P&C recognise that we have a diverse set of skills and talents in our parent community.

The P&C's ‘Just One Thing' campaign identifies options for parents to assist and we thank you if you have already completed your ‘Just One Thing' form.

As time is short and we are all busy with work and other school commitments, so if you cannot help, please consider providing goods or services or a financial contribution instead.

Our Uniform shop

The P&C funds the employment of a uniform shop Coordinator. While keeping prices as low as possible, profits from the sale of uniform items are provided to the P&C and used to support school projects and initiatives. Parents are encouraged to volunteer at the uniform shop. 

Thank you!

SIHS and the P&C appreciate and greatly values parent and family involvement. Just a small contribution of your time can make a huge difference to what can be achieved. Being involved is a great way to meet school staff and other parents and to get more involved in your child's educational experience. It is also fun and very satisfying! The P&C thanks all families for their involvement and their financial contributions and welcomes feedback and ideas. 

Please send any queries or comments to the P&C email address: