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Update your contact details

How the P&C keeps you up to date?

The P&C contact list enables St Ives High P&C to keep you up to date with our activities and meetings and distribute invitations to important events and school surveys.

Only those emails approved by the P&C executive will be sent and they will only relate to the activities of the P&C.

Only Important/Relevant Information is Communicated

High school is a time when children become more independent. As your child makes new friends it can be hard to find the contact details for other parents. From social events to study buddies, being able to contact other parents can help to put your mind at ease and get to know your year group better.

When completing the online form please only supply information that you want to appear in the Year group contact list.  For example, if you do not want your street address to appear in the list we would ask that you at least supply the suburb.  If you do not want your contact details to appear in your Year group contact list be sure to select the opt-out box on this form.  If you do this, only your child's name will appear on the list.

Year group contact lists are distributed by email in PDF format via your P&C Year Group Coordinator.  They are for use only within the St Ives High School community and for no other purpose. We ask that you are respectful of the privacy of others and abide by this rule.

Thanks in advance for completing this form and helping to keep our records up to date.

Note: For privacy reasons, St Ives High School does not disclose student/parent details to third parties. This is the reason why the P&C is using an online form to collect and update parent contact data. 

By completing the online form you are agreeing that the details you are supplying can be used only for School Related and P&C Related Events; eg. Graduations and Presentations, Forums, etc.