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Parents and Citizens Assocciation Committee

St Ives High School Parents and Citizens (P&C) Association

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  • President: Libby Cameron
  • Vice President: Liz Paul
  • Vice President: John Cormican
  • Secretary: Sarah Gibbons
  • Treasurer: Jan Ewert 

Coordinators, sub-committees and working groups

Website & Communications 

  • Nilu Habibi, Peter Driscoll, Kellie Parkin    

Uniform shop

  • Nilu Habibi (Convenor), Charnelle Flowers, Rebecca Lyster, Stephen Bryant, P&C Treasurer, P&C President, Uniform Shop Manager


  • Christina Loebel

Bush Care Regeneration

  • Meredith Hunter


  • Libby Cameron


  • Nicky Nolan, Tracey Johnson

SIHS P&C Delegate for North Sydney P&C Federation Electoral Area

  • Keith Oliver

Any of the committee members can be contacted through our website at or by emailing us at

We would love to hear from you and you are most welcome to join us on our P&C general meetings.

Our tasks

We help the school in 3 ways:

  • We propose ways in which areas of school activity can be improved, or new activities introduced. Some of these ideas arise at P&C meetings, others are identified within the responses to P&C surveys which are carried out for the P&C by Liz Paul.
  • We volunteer to help (eg, in the uniform shop, on the grounds, at events). "Just One Thing" has also enabled us to identify highly-valued expertise within the school parent body.
  • We help financially through our voluntary contributions and other income. The money we raise enables us to support areas of activity and services which would otherwise not exist, to the benefit of every single student.

For more info on the key responsibilities of the Executive Officer positions, follow the links below: